GG135: Ariel Fristoe of Out Of Hand Theater on Decatur Dinners

Check out Ariel Fristoe’s OUT OF HAND THEATER and their fascinating plan to perform at 100 Dinners for 1000 People at the August 25, 2019 DECATUR DINNERS. Get thee to a dinner as a great way to have a civic discussion, delicious meal, and thought-provoking performance!
*Dogs of Rwanda, a prior play produced by OOH, was written by Sean Christopher Lewis

GG131: Sho Baraka & Kim Karris

Musician, author, and artist SHO BARAKA talks about his latest projects and what inspires him. Kim Karris of the FOOD WELL ALLIANCE is talking up their plans to create better food options for Atlanta and this year's SOIL FESTIVAL on May 4th.

GG124: Broadleaf Writers Assoc. & Nathan Evans Fox


Zach Steele of Broadleaf Writers Assoc. talks about the nonprofit and it's hope to help writers fulfill their destiny and Nathan Evans Fox takes music full-time in a powerful way, also turns you on to the Folk Alliance Intl (pretty cool!).

GG85: Grut & Matt Weyandt of Xocolatl


GRUT is an improv ensemble of musicians creating their own signature sound in Atlanta.

Matt Weyandt of XOCOLATL craft chocolate makers, talks about upcoming documentary and their efforts to uncover new flavors out of Peruvian cacao.

*music tweens Candyman is by the New Millenium Jelly Rollers & Pocketful of Rainbows is by Alex Gordon

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GG84: Musician B.E.N and Goodr founder Jasmine Crowe


B.E.N interprets Blink 182's album Enema of the State with his bass-driven sound.

Jasmine Crowe founded GOODR in order to solve two problems: hunger in Atlanta and lost value in food-based businesses. She'll be sharing her story at the upcoming TedXPeachtree.

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GG78: James Carr and Lilac Wine

James Carr creates LONGLEAF MEDIA as a way to connect people to their food their farmers and their community in a sustainable way.

LILAC WINE turns your traditional cover band on its ear to create some magical new twists on songs you know and love.

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GG54: C4 Atlanta's Chelsea Steverson, Bumpin' the Mango with Ian Bruh, & Xocolatl's Matt Weyandt

Chelsea Steverson of C4 ATLANTA tells how they work to give artists a leg up in business.

Ian Michael Bruh of BUMPIN THE MANGO says passion for the music, and each other, connects these incredible musicians.

Matt Weyandt of XOCOLATL CHOCOLATE explains how folks are starting to learn about small batch chocolate and why it matters.

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GG43: Sans Abri & American Spirit Whiskey

SANS ABRI is the home for Josh Erwin & Michael Painter's Packway Handle Band side project.

Jim Chasteen & Chad Ralston of AMERICAN SPIRIT WHISKEY explain why craft distilling is the next great food movement.

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GG41: Georgia Organics and Pony League

GEORGIA ORGANICS Exec. Dir. Alice Rolls talks about helping farmers connect with community, Farm to School, and upcoming Attack of the Killer Tomato fest.

PONY LEAGUE explains why they changed their band name, how they're expanding the Americana definition, and music they're listening to.

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GG32: ALOMA, Clavvs, & Cutting Chai film


Posey Miller of the Atlanta Lovers of Music Association house concerts explains the group's origins and purpose. End of podcast is Mulgrew Miller's You're That Dream.

Amber Renee & Graham Marsh of the hypnotic alt pop group CLAVVS (pronounced CLAWS) talk about messing with language and finding their sound.

Meherwan Irani & Michael Files from CUTTING CHAI documentary relate how storytelling is key for them whether with restaurants, Chai Pani and Botiwalla, or film.

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GG29: Hannah Chung of Simply Seoul, Adron, and Frank Hamilton

HANNAH CHUNG of Simply Seoul Kitchen talks kimchi, true Korean food, and her Ponce City Market shop.

ADRON shares her thoughts on the benefits of playing with terrific musicians and what her parents really named her.

FRANK HAMILTON explains the path folk music has taken and how, with Thomas Helland's help, he hopes to replicate Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music in Oakhurst.

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GG26: Fahamu Pecou, Laura Coyle, Honeysuckle Gelato, & The Future Babes

FAHAMU PECOU discusses how art, hip-hop, and spirituality have all converged for him.

LAURA COYLE & LOUIS HERIVEAUX talk about their evolving jazz sound.

Wes Jones of HONEYSUCKLE GELATO schools me on how to make gelato.

THE FUTURE BABES know they want their next cd to be louder!

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