GG119: Musician Gabbie Rotts & James Carr of Farmers Jam

GABBIE ROTTS talks about making punk music her mother will like and how to best torment your friends.

James Carr is organizing FARMERS JAM on Wed., NOV. 14, to gather some musical farmers from the region and highlight jam made from local produce. Proceeds benefit future good food in your belly. Show’s at The Star Bar!

GG62: John Driskell Hopkins & Chattahoochee Now

JDH travels with the Zac Brown Band this weekend to support Gatlinburg wildfire victims at day-long FREE Festival (details) and chats about his future holiday cd dreams on top of his current In the Spirit.

Katharine Wilkinson explains Chattahoochee NOW project to enlighten folks on Atlanta's major river and how to create more access to it.

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GG50: Poet Nate Mask, Grassland String Band, & product developer Eric Williams

Nate Mask talks poetry and slams in Atlanta.

Eric Williams explains his Android app that works with the SONOS home sound system. Check out SONOFY.

Grassland String Band shows how "Amerigrass" is the best of both worlds.

Tweener music by Wasted Potential Brass Band.

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GG43: Sans Abri & American Spirit Whiskey

SANS ABRI is the home for Josh Erwin & Michael Painter's Packway Handle Band side project.

Jim Chasteen & Chad Ralston of AMERICAN SPIRIT WHISKEY explain why craft distilling is the next great food movement.

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GG36: Trinity Community Ministries, Max & Maggie, and

Sat down to learn how TRINITY COMMUNITY MINISTRY programs help men find a brighter future.

MAX & MAGGIE give me a lesson on Georgia fiddling and talk about their July 1 show at Avondale Towne Cinema. founders Laura & Cody explain how their website aims to change perceptions of cats and get more adopted.

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GG33: Kodac Harrison, Georgia Mountain String Band, & Ryan Gravel

Sat down with KODAC HARRISON and talked art, music, & poetry. See some of his paintings HERE and Natl. Poetry Slam in Decatur HERE.

Jason Waller & GEORGIA MOUNTAIN STRING BAND share their beginnings, upcoming recording, & show on Friday, May 20, in Avondale (link).

Ryan Gravel's new book, WHERE WE WANT TO LIVE, connects the importance of civic projects with a more interesting and vibrant city. He explains why the eyes of the world are on the Atlanta Beltline.

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