GG133: Musician Tim Kohler and actress/director/promoter Amber A. Harris

TIM KOHLER shares his musical upbringing and how he’s enjoying the community of music beyond the perimeter. You can catch a good taste of his talent below. AMBER A HARRIS is working on multiple projects at once - film, activism, and stage.

GG106: Marshall Seese's new tv show VERSES and Michael Westbrook

Marshall Seese & Eliot Bronson enter the tv world with VERSES.

MICHAEL WESTBROOK is putting together some solo work after years of backing other talented musicians.

ALEX GORDON HIFI created the interstitial music with his magical baritone guitar.

GG90: Candasse and Root City's Shannon Kroll

CANDASSE plays ukelele, talks Fine China Comedy, and just brings the smiles!

Shannon Kroll has big plans for ROOT CITY MARKET and all the incredible makers involved with a month-long Dec. pop-up in Decatur & more.

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GG47: Haddon Kime & Jackson County Line

Composer and Sound Designer HADDON KIME talks about the infamous light sabre and writing music for films.

Kevin Jackson of JACKSON COUNTY LINE shares what has kept this Americana band together for 10 years (and why he just wants to go fishing!)

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GG32: ALOMA, Clavvs, & Cutting Chai film


Posey Miller of the Atlanta Lovers of Music Association house concerts explains the group's origins and purpose. End of podcast is Mulgrew Miller's You're That Dream.

Amber Renee & Graham Marsh of the hypnotic alt pop group CLAVVS (pronounced CLAWS) talk about messing with language and finding their sound.

Meherwan Irani & Michael Files from CUTTING CHAI documentary relate how storytelling is key for them whether with restaurants, Chai Pani and Botiwalla, or film.

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