GG136: Trey Wright

TREY WRIGHT, jazz guitarist and educator at Kennesaw State University, talks about teaching new musicians how to become self-sustaining "working artists" and how Joni Mitchell continues to inform his work.

Check him out on Sunday, Sept. 29, at VENKMAN’S in Old Fourth Ward where he’ll be performing "A Night of Joni Mitchell" with vocalist Laura Coyle, saxophonist Mace Hibbard (Lyle Lovett Large Band, bassist Robert Dickson and drummer Justin Chesarek (Jazz Percussion Professor at KSU).

GG97: GatherGoodATL and Caleb & the Gents

Kristyn Back of GATHERGOODATL uses her online magazine to tell the best stories of the most amazing people doing great work in and around Atlanta.

CALEB AND THE GENTS play a hybrid form of jazz, gypsy, ragtime, and western that they call Neo Swing.

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GG94: Nick Rosen & Village Micro Fund

nick rosen close.jpg

NICK ROSEN talks about composing and being on the road with the likes of The Shadowboxers.

VILLAGE MICRO FUND hopes to amplify the knowledge of Wall Street's Nathan Jones & Donte Miller to empower entrepreneurs and communities to support each other.

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GG85: Grut & Matt Weyandt of Xocolatl


GRUT is an improv ensemble of musicians creating their own signature sound in Atlanta.

Matt Weyandt of XOCOLATL craft chocolate makers, talks about upcoming documentary and their efforts to uncover new flavors out of Peruvian cacao.

*music tweens Candyman is by the New Millenium Jelly Rollers & Pocketful of Rainbows is by Alex Gordon

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GG80: Artist Dirk Hays and pianist Joe Alterman

DIRK HAYS sometimes is known as "Uncle Daddy" in the art space. His colorful, creative works are a perfect blend of his sense of humor.

JOE ALTERMAN is making his name as a talented pianist with a jazz background and a love for interpreting modern songs with a jazz spin.

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You can see some of Dirk's work at the World of Coke.

You can see some of Dirk's work at the World of Coke.

GG75: Singer Gwen Hughes & Lance Krall of Picture It Productions

Gwen Hughes Native Land cd

GWEN HUGHES is taking her Grits Hits show on the road to rave about Southern music.

LANCE KRALL of Picture It Productions is showing Hollywood and NYC that Atlanta has the tv writers that they need.

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GG73: Matthew Kaminski and animator Joanna Davidovich

Atlanta Braves organist MATTHEW KAMINSKI is all over Atlanta playing organ and accordion with multiple bands.

JOANNA DAVIDOVICH, besides being singer for Penny Serenade, is an animator extraordinaire!

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GG35: Josh Jackson, Alex Gordon, & Sherry Luo

JOSH JACKSON, Editor of Paste Magazine talks about his podcast with John Lennon & how collecting Olympic pins helped start an empire. 

ALEX GORDON explains how Buddy Holly, Back to the Future, & Wally Cleaver helped him develop his distinctive guitar sound.

SHERRY LUO shares what it's like to be the 2016 Georgia Poet Laureate competition winner. You can see the contest guidelines HERE.

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GG31: Indie Craft Experience, Anita Aysola, & Eric Kronberg

Christy & Shannon of INDIE CRAFT EXPERIENCE share their 10 years of fun and how June's show will be the best yet.

ANITA AYSOLA's piano stylings are jazz driven but her songs are a wonderful blend of her heritage and standard jazz, blues, & pop.

ERIC KRONBERG of Kronberg Wall shares the challenges & opportunities Atlanta's builders face as a new era opens thanks to the Beltline.

GG30: Christina Hoff of Fabrefaction Theatre Conservatory and Jay Hammond from the Inman Jazz All-Stars

Christina Hoff of FABREFACTION THEATRE CONSERVATORY talks about their program and unique twist on OLIVER! playing through May 8th.

Jay & John Hammond explain the idea behind the Inman Middle Jazz All-Stars recording ALL OF US to support musical arts and those with developmental disabilities.

GG26: Fahamu Pecou, Laura Coyle, Honeysuckle Gelato, & The Future Babes

FAHAMU PECOU discusses how art, hip-hop, and spirituality have all converged for him.

LAURA COYLE & LOUIS HERIVEAUX talk about their evolving jazz sound.

Wes Jones of HONEYSUCKLE GELATO schools me on how to make gelato.

THE FUTURE BABES know they want their next cd to be louder!

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GG 3: Poet Jon Goode, Penny Serenade, East Atlanta Kids Club, & Dad's Garage Improv

First half selected acts from 2nd live show performed at Variety Playhouse in Little Five Points in Atlanta. In this podcast you'll hear:

  • Jill Sieder of East Atlanta Kids Club
  • Dad's Garage Improv
  • Penny Serenade
  • Poet Jon Goode

Live Show lineup also included:

  • Seed and Feed Marching Abominable
  • Packway Handle Band
  • Author Kate Sweeney
  • Atlanta Belly Dance
  • The Clown Virtuoso
  • Wonderroot animated film

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