GG90: Candasse and Root City's Shannon Kroll

CANDASSE plays ukelele, talks Fine China Comedy, and just brings the smiles!

Shannon Kroll has big plans for ROOT CITY MARKET and all the incredible makers involved with a month-long Dec. pop-up in Decatur & more.

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GG54: C4 Atlanta's Chelsea Steverson, Bumpin' the Mango with Ian Bruh, & Xocolatl's Matt Weyandt

Chelsea Steverson of C4 ATLANTA tells how they work to give artists a leg up in business.

Ian Michael Bruh of BUMPIN THE MANGO says passion for the music, and each other, connects these incredible musicians.

Matt Weyandt of XOCOLATL CHOCOLATE explains how folks are starting to learn about small batch chocolate and why it matters.

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GG31: Indie Craft Experience, Anita Aysola, & Eric Kronberg

Christy & Shannon of INDIE CRAFT EXPERIENCE share their 10 years of fun and how June's show will be the best yet.

ANITA AYSOLA's piano stylings are jazz driven but her songs are a wonderful blend of her heritage and standard jazz, blues, & pop.

ERIC KRONBERG of Kronberg Wall shares the challenges & opportunities Atlanta's builders face as a new era opens thanks to the Beltline.