I'm Boyd Baker and I love The South. Born here, grew up here, and will probably die here. Moved out west for awhile but missed the humidity, character, and edge that we have - plus the family. Folks thought Southerners were just slow-talking-overall-wearing-grits-eating-Confederate-flag-waving yokels. They have no idea what it's really like. My South, with its heart being Atlanta, is bursting with creativity and talent that changes the world daily. I want folks to know my South.

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I started Community Arts Live as a way to create projects that support and connect artists and communities. Back in 2010, the first project was an amazing holiday cd - All Creatures Great and Small - that was sponsored by Wag-a-Lot and donated proceeds to the Atlanta Humane Society. The outpouring of songs from the Indigo Girls, Kingsized, Francine Reed, Yacht Rock Revue, Kodac Harrison, Stovall, Soulphonics & Ruby Velle, Gringo Star, Caroline & the Ramblers, Oryx and Crake, Jennifer Daniels, and Blair Crimmins & the Hookers moved me.

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In 2014, I created The Good Gracious Show as a live event. I, and a handful of wonderful volunteers, put 7 acts of music, arts, and storytelling on stage with no rehearsal! Think Ed Sullivan Show with some A Prairie Home Companion thrown in and you get the idea. Our 13th show will be on 9/8/18.

The podcast started as a way to tell even more stories weekly - thanks to the urging of Martin Steib. I've been lucky enough to talk to hundreds of amazingly soulful and creative Southerners and share their stories with the world. 

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In 2017, I opened up a community-coworking space in Candler Park called Wondershop. Well, the coworking didn't work so well but the community bit did. So I've morphed it into a space for the community to gather and storytelling to be front and center.

I record the podcast and some live videos here, as well as support other podcasters with training and space. My goal is to create shows, videos, festivals, podcasts, classes, and maybe even a book or two that tell great stories.

Me personally? Got a beautiful wife, two kids, dog, stray cat, and yard art and I live IN Atlanta proper. Love the South and want to put a blazing hot spotlight right on all the creative talent and folks who live here. This website is my feeble attempt to combine all my personalities in one place. Feedback welcomed. GO SOUTH!

Know someone who'd be great on the show?  Want to sponsor, volunteer, donate, or rain praise upon us? Drop an email to Boyd@GoodGraciousShow.com