GG122: Singer Ansley Stewart and Laura Hennighausen of Freedom Park Conservancy

ANSLEY STEWART shares her musical journey from Athens to Atlanta and Laura Hennighausen, Executive Director of FREEDOM PARK CONSERVANCY, shares plans for upcoming year to connect more people with Atlanta's massive greenspace.

Learn more about ALEX GORDON HI FI, whose music you heard on this episode, HERE.

GG116: Nikki & the Phantom Callers and Angel Poventud

NIKKI & THE PHANTOM CALLERS are making some beautiful music for your earholes.

Angel Poventud shares his suggestions for engagement to create a more affordable, easily accessible, and better connected Atlanta through the potential light rail asked for by BELTLINE RAIL NOW. Learn more about the More MARTA plan being voted on this week.. tell your friends and let folks know what you think!

ALEX GORDON HIFI provides the marvy “tweener” music.

GG60: Save the Old Prison Farm & The Currys

Joe Peery talks about the dreams to SAVE THE OLD PRISON FARM of 300 acres near East Atlanta.

Galen, Tommy, & Jimmy of THE CURRYS explain their unique style of songwriting and which one is the "mysterious one".

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GG53: MARTA's Amanda Rhein, Joe McGuinness Trio, & Relay Bike Share

Timberely Jones of RELAY BIKE SHARE shares the plan of 500 easy rental bikes in Atlanta for 2017.

JOE MCGUINNESS explains how his trio's version of progressive Americana takes the traditional music down a new path. FREE download HERE.

MARTA'S AMANDA RHEIN wants their Transit Oriented Development projects to benefit neighborhoods & commuters.

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GG31: Indie Craft Experience, Anita Aysola, & Eric Kronberg

Christy & Shannon of INDIE CRAFT EXPERIENCE share their 10 years of fun and how June's show will be the best yet.

ANITA AYSOLA's piano stylings are jazz driven but her songs are a wonderful blend of her heritage and standard jazz, blues, & pop.

ERIC KRONBERG of Kronberg Wall shares the challenges & opportunities Atlanta's builders face as a new era opens thanks to the Beltline.