GG131: Sho Baraka & Kim Karris

Musician, author, and artist SHO BARAKA talks about his latest projects and what inspires him. Kim Karris of the FOOD WELL ALLIANCE is talking up their plans to create better food options for Atlanta and this year's SOIL FESTIVAL on May 4th.

GG58: A3C, 9 String Theory, & ColorATL

Jade Carter of A3C talks about the evolution of this Atlanta festival for the Hip Hop Family from coast-to-coast.

John Huston & Angelina Galashenkova-Reed make magical music with guitar & domra in 9 STRING THEORY.

William Massey's new COLORATL book collaboration with Atlanta artists is sure to fire up your creativity and support arts therapy programs at the same time.

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GG55: Nick Niespodziani of Indianapolis Jones and Yacht Rock Revue plus Stories on the Edge of Night's Shannon Turner

Nick Niespodziani talks about his passion project INDIANAPOLIS JONES  and balancing live between Yacht Rock Revue, Venkman's, CHARM, and a beautiful family. See IJ at The Earl on 10/20 with Diane Coffee.

Shannon M. Turner shares her passion for storytelling and the program she and David Russell have cooked up for this year's STORIES ON THE EDGE OF NIGHT event on Saturday, Oct. 29, at the Biergarten at The Wrecking Bar.

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GG27: Baconfest with Dad's Garage, Adelaide Tai, Squadcar Moonshine founder Emily Oppelt, & The Tin Man

Dad's Garage hosts BACONFEST on Saturday, March 26th and talks new digs in O4W.

ADELAIDE TAI talks painting, music, art, & upcoming Rhythm & Brews in Sandy Springs.

Emily Oppelt unveils the mysteries of their SQUADCAR MOONSHINE and their challenges in Georgia.

THE TIN MAN (aka Marshall Seese) explains latest EP and new video project connecting folks with music.

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