GG121: Singer-songwriter Rob Vincent Agocs & Veoleo publishing's Janike Ruginis

Time spent with VEOLEO children's book publisher Janike Ruginis and ROB VINCENT AGOCS who talks about his music and name changes.

Learn more about ALEX GORDON HI FI, whose music you heard on this episode, HERE.

GG112: Julie Gribble and Mike Lowery

JULIE GRIBBLE talks making music and movies, plus her one big dream for this year.

MIKE LOWERY explains how life is like the movie Witness, and what it means to be an author/illustrator with a new book (Slightly Jet Lagged) coming out, all while being the husband of a true superstar children's book creator named KATRIN WIEHLE.

ALEX GORDON HI FI plays that sweet baritone guitar music throughout.

GG110: Unproducible Plays and Joshua Fletcher

UNPRODUCIBLE PLAYS East by Southeast Festival (Aug. 5-19) has Amee Vyas, Michelle Pokopac, & Pam Joyce giving opportunities to Asian-Americans to have their work seen by larger audiences.

JOSHUA FLETCHER plays Eddie's Attic on Aug. 9th. Hear about his journey from punk to Nashville to Americana.

GG94: Nick Rosen & Village Micro Fund

nick rosen close.jpg

NICK ROSEN talks about composing and being on the road with the likes of The Shadowboxers.

VILLAGE MICRO FUND hopes to amplify the knowledge of Wall Street's Nathan Jones & Donte Miller to empower entrepreneurs and communities to support each other.

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GG 93: Cody Matlock and Peter McDade

the weight of sound.jpg

CODY MATLOCK and his Mothership are take all kinds of music to brew up a danceable, funky, soulful stew.

Peter McDade translates his experiences in pop-rock bands Uncle Green and 3 Lb. Thrill into his first novel THE WEIGHT OF SOUND.. and you get a soundtrack to boot! Hear Pay Me Now at the end of his interview.

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GG92: AJ Ghent and Thomas Helland (TDawg)

AJ GHENT has a new cd in the works, and he's taking his neo blues sound on the road in 2018.

The 7TH ANNUAL HOLIDAY HOOTENANNY to support Habitat for Humanity is coming on Dec. 20. TDawg talks about the amazing musicians in attendance and the nod to their missing friend Col. Bruce Hampton.

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GG89: Singer Sonia Tetlow & Jason Waller of DADS Presents (and Coffee Bar)


Jason Waller talks about his new video series D.A.D. PRESENTS and his hopes to help break the stigma of depression at Dad's Coffee Bar.

SONIA TETLOW shares her path to music, and steps away from Roxie Watson to release her own cd.

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GG88: Isaac Smith and Mark Kendall


ISAAC SMITH shares how awesome the journey to making this new cd was.

MARK KENDALL talks about comedy, race, and how Chris Rock gave him an awesome view of big time comedy.

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GG87: Singer Macy Todd and Samuel Cho of Kollaboration ATL

macy todd.jpeg

MACY TODD explains why she recorded but never released her first album.

Samuel Cho of KOLLABORATION ATL says the organization aims to help Asian-American artists get their start.

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GG86: Singer-songwriter Eliot Bronson and Amanda Plumb of Pecha Kucha

eliot cd.jpg

ELIOT BRONSON talks about his new cd, James, growing up in Maryland, and the joys and challenges of a musical life. He's at Eddie's Attic on Sat., Sept. 23!

Amanda Plumb explains the Japanese origins of the international experience known as PECHA KUCHA. You like storytelling done in 20 slides with 20 seconds of talk per slide? Next one is Sunday, Nov. 12. Click HERE for Dana Robinson's presentation.

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GG85: Grut & Matt Weyandt of Xocolatl


GRUT is an improv ensemble of musicians creating their own signature sound in Atlanta.

Matt Weyandt of XOCOLATL craft chocolate makers, talks about upcoming documentary and their efforts to uncover new flavors out of Peruvian cacao.

*music tweens Candyman is by the New Millenium Jelly Rollers & Pocketful of Rainbows is by Alex Gordon

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GG83: Musician Rex Hussmann and GPB's Rickey Bevington

Multi-instrumentalist REX HUSSMANN shares his experiences in West Africa learning to play the gyil, as well as so much more.

RICKEY BEVINGTON, of GPB's 88.5 radio, shares insight into her upcoming TedxPeachtree talk on making sound media choices.

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GG82: Artist Allen Peterson and singer-songwriter David Robert King

ALLEN PETERSON talks about sculpture on the Beltline, murals in the Kirkwood tunnel, and his fascination with bees.

DAVID ROBERT KING connects the dots of him playing at The Bluebird Cafe to playing with Mary Gauthier and recording a new cd in Canada.

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allen peterson mural.jpeg

GG80: Artist Dirk Hays and pianist Joe Alterman

DIRK HAYS sometimes is known as "Uncle Daddy" in the art space. His colorful, creative works are a perfect blend of his sense of humor.

JOE ALTERMAN is making his name as a talented pianist with a jazz background and a love for interpreting modern songs with a jazz spin.

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 You can see some of Dirk's work at the World of Coke.

You can see some of Dirk's work at the World of Coke.

GG #9 LIVE SHOW on 8/26

Come see our next LIVE show on Saturday, Aug. 26, at a new venue - The Switchyards Downtown - with Andi Kezh, Dad's Garage, Alex Gordon, Pony League, Mark Kendall, Paint Love, Shannon Turner, Tray Dahl & the Jugtime Ragband, & more. Get your tix HERE!