GG117: K Michelle Dubois and author/director Jim Hodgson

K Michelle Dubois has a new album, HARNESS, on Bandcamp. She and DAN DIXON stopped by and played a tune. Her podcast is called ZEN NOODLE PIE and you should check it out!

Jim Hodgson has his new YA series, APPRENTICE QUEST, on Amazon now, does his ATLANTA EXPLAINED at Village Theatre, and has a YouTube channel - with his witty wife - called CROSSTHREADED.

As always, shout out to ALEX GORDON HI FI for the great baritone tweener music.

GG22: Kristian Bush, Lauri Stallings of GLO, Highbeams, & Jim Hodgson from the Atlanta Banana

JIM HODGSON talks satire of Atlanta Banana and his live show at Village Theatre Sat. Jan. 30 Atlanta Explained.

KRISTIAN BUSH gives his take on the upside of music festivals and his unique experience as a "new artist".

LAURI STALLINGS shares her experiences choreographing for GLO.

HIGHBEAMS out of Woodstock are ready to get back out on the road.